Yahoo Travel shuttering services focus on better overall experience

Article Excerpt:

Yahoo will be shutting down Trip Planner and My Travel features effective March 21, 2014, the company has announced on its site.

With the latest acquisition of Vizify, a social media visualization company, and various other acquisitions, 36 in 20 months (since Marissa Mayer became CEO), Yahoo’s decision to shutdown these two travel services shouldn’t come as a surprise.

But, if anyone thinks Yahoo Travel (powered by Travelocity) is seldom used, then its worth reading ComScore‘s recent Digital Future In Focus 2013 report series that reveals Yahoo Travel as the number one travel website accessed in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Trip Planner is a service that helps users organise their travel itinerary, while the My Travel service enables users to maintain a list of places they would like to visit/have been to.

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