WIT – WEB IN TRAVEL : #wit2013: Seven start-ups to pitch at WIT Bootcamp

Article Excerpt:

Seven start-ups have been selected to pitch live at the WIT Bootcamp on October 21 for the chance to be crowned Start-Up of the Year 2013.

The seven semi-finalists – Grata, Voyagin, BeMyGuest, Ikut Ikut, Trip38, Travelatus and CherryPickedTravel– were shortlisted by our judges from a record 20 entries received for this year’s start-up competition, now in its fourth year.

As I wrote in this article for e27, it’s been encouraging to see the growth in interest in travel by both entrepreneurs and investors. When we first started our Pitch, it was difficult to convince entrepreneurs to one, even think of travel and two, to share their ideas in a public forum but in the last 24 months, we’ve seen a pick-up in momentum in interest, ideas and deals.

What is exciting is to see the confluence between the growth of travel and the evolution of digital in Asia and I believe the intersection of the two will open up new pathways and opportunities to the smart, bold and innovative.

While last year saw an abundance of social-based models, this year’s list is a mix of curated models, activities plays and mobile-only propositions, reflecting how travel is changing and where entrepreneurs see an opportunity to insert themselves into the travel value chain.

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