Why Disney’s Magic Bands Are the Future of Mobile, Big Data and Personalization – Skift

Article Excerpt:

Pity the parent trying to do Disney World on the cheap these days.

Last summer, Disney introduced MagicBands into the theme park experience. For starters, the RFID-enabled wristbands function as tickets, and as “FastPasses” to cut long lines and hotel room keys.

But they also store personal information and preferences — meaning that Elsa from Frozen can approach a little girl knowing she is her favorite character and greet her by name. If it’s the girl’s birthday, she’ll know. The nearby gift shop attendant can steer the birthday girl to the Elsa replica doll, and her parents can just show their wrist to pay for it (the MagicBand also has credit card information stored).

But think of the upside for the family. The kids would be delighted at the more personalized experience with their favorite characters. Parents would appreciate notifications signaling the line for Space Mountain is moving right now.

And even if parents had resigned themselves to their wallets taking a hit, at least that wallet isn’t packed with paper tickets, room keys, credit cards, and separate FastPasses. With MagicBands, the Disney World experience is easier and more seamless.

MagicBands represent what’s coming in digital: the convergence of mobile, big data, and personalization to drive truly superior user experiences. Mobile — whether smartphones or wearables — provides geodata in real time.

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