What’s app? Your window of opportunity, says Facebook travel head – Travolution.co.uk

Article Excerpt:

Attracting eyeballs and winning customers online will increasingly be fought on the mobile battleground where the best app wins, according to Facebook’s head of travel.

Speaking to Travolution during a visit to London this week, Lee McCabe said mobile was “on fire” at the moment, with both users and usage growing.

Last week Facebook itself underlined its faith in the channel with the eye-popping $19 billion deal to buy instant messaging service WhatsApp.

“People are moving to mobile faster than ever,” McCabe said. “Desktop and laptop ownership is declining and ownership of tablets and smartphones is on the increase.”

McCabe dismissed scepticism that mobile will ever be a significant booking channel for travel, saying it is forward-thinking OTAs rather than suppliers selling direct that are challenging this assumption.

“We can see travel bookings are coming as people understand the opportunities more, and that’s probable being driven by the OTAs.

“Big hotel chains and airlines are not moving fast enough with their app strategy. By 2015 PhocusRight predicts 12% of all travel booking will be on mobile devices.”

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