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Visit California is taking over YouTube for the next 24 hours.

The state tourism board is making its first foray into content marketing with a 24-hour ad takeover of YouTube in the U.S., UK, Australia, and Canada. Every hour a different video highlighting the state’s ‘dream big’ brand will be featured.

The takeover is part of a larger $3.7 million project, a new website called Dream365, which will feature branded video, photography, and text that speaks to California’s lifestyle and attractions.

“Part of what makes California attractive is the people, the lifestyle, and the attitude. And nothing conveys that better than video,” explains Visit California VP of Marketing Lynn Carpenter.

Carpenter says the new campaign is somewhat of a personal success for her as well as for Visit California, which has been searching for a more meaningful way to communicate with potential travelers.

“TV is really quite limiting,” says Carpenter. “A content heavy strategy allows us to have a digital footprint where people are already surfing.”

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The campaign is geared to deliver about 135 million impressions between the four countries targeted in the YouTube launch. A larger campaign around the Dream365 project will run until June and aims to generate 400 million impressions worldwide.

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