Understanding different travel website users (and what they do there)

Mike's Opinion:

Clicktale is one of my favorite analytics tools. It can be incredibly eye-opening to watch exactly how your visitors move their mouse and click -- or don't. I've used Clicktale to improve conversion on everything from flight and hotel search box design and button design to larger UX projects like hotel list filtering and interactive maps.


Article Excerpt:

Visualizing travel website visitor data, rather than simply collecting it in a vacuum, shows how different types of people use a search box and various filters.

At the same time, segmenting visitor behviour will enable brands to customize their pages according to preferences, making sure they reach the widest audience possible.

NB: This is an analysis by David-Dror Davidoff, chief revenue officer for ClickTale.

So let’s look at how to evaluate three types of travel website visitors and provide several tips and best practices to attract them to a site and improve conversion rates.

READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Understanding different travel website users (and what they do there).


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