TripAdvisor Spent $34.8 Million on 6 Acquisitions in 2013 – Skift

Mike's Opinion:

The acquisitions TripAdvisor makes generally seem to be acqui-hires rather than great businesses or threats to their own business. All have been solid teams and products with a vision that needed more support, though some of the products were shut down and the teams re-focused on internal products. It would be hard to argue that this strategy has not been successful for them so far.


Article Excerpt:

TripAdvisor spent $34.8 million net of cash obtained on six acquisitions in 2013, its busiest year in terms of money spent since 2010 when it was still part of Expedia Inc.

Julie Bradley, TripAdvisor’s CFO, revealed the number February 11 during TripAdvisor’s fourth quarter earnings call, and it was also disclosed in TripAdvisor’s annual report filed the same day.

TripAdvisor had previously indicated in a financial filing last year that it spent $31.6 million for the five acquisitions it made in 2013 before it bought, its sixth purchase, in October.

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