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Mike's Opinion:

I was very curious to see how aggressively TripAdvisor was going to move into assisted booking. It makes the most sense to focus on mobile, where popup windows are especially cumbersome. The OTA's that rely on those popups for traffic, such as Expedia, may benefit from increased conversions via assisted booking, but the lack of direct traffic may affect other areas of their business.


Article Excerpt:

TripAdvisor CEO Steve Kaufer said the company was “pleased” with its first TV advertising campaign in the fourth quarter, but is looking for something with more wallop in 2014.

“We are looking for a harder-hitting campaign,” Kaufer told analysts during TripAdvisor’s fourth quarter earnings call. “Something a bit more memorable than some of our commercials [in 2013].”

And, Kaufer said it was a positive sign that TripAdvisor achieved an overall 17% gain in clicked-based advertising during the fourth quarter, despite some hotel metasearch headwinds.

In other developments, Kaufer said that while hotel metasearch was the company’s prime focus in 2013, the introduction of “assisted booking,” where TripAdvisor handles hotel bookings on mobile instead of referring consumer leads to hotels and online travel agencies, will be a top priority in 2014.

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