Tours and activities comes of age – but challenges may take an age to fix

Article Excerpt:

There is so much talk about the tours and activities sector in online travel that it had to eventually feature at a major travel conference.

And so the PhoCusWright gig at ITB in Berlin last week saw a panel of figures from some of the sector’s high profile players come together for the first time on a main stage.

The gathering was obviously also in part to highlight a new study from PCW looking at the tours and activities marketplace in Europe, a report which has been released in stages since the latter part of 2013.

So, first of all, what about the report (put together using 5,000 interviews with travellers and companies in the sector)?

The stand-out figures are clear – the tours and activities sector in Europe stands at around 545 million customers per year, achieving gross bookings in the region of Euro 37 billion.

But with a pointer to the scale but also local focus of the sector, nine out of ten suppliers operate in a single region, and 60% serve fewer than 25,000 customers and report under $1 million in revenue.

Online penetration is fairly low at present, PhoCusWright says, at 23% – compared to 47% for air tickets, 29% for hotels and 33% in car rental.

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