The Small Startups Riding on Airbnb’s Big Business Coattails – Skift

Article Excerpt:

Companies that assist Airbnb hosts are springing up in the Bay Area, piggybacking on the hospitality service’s popularity.

Some assume all the duties of an Airbnb host — from decorating and greeting guests to cleaning — in exchange for a cut of the booking fees. Others offer a la carte services.

“We manage all the hassle,” said Amiad Soto, who founded Superhost with his identical twin brother, Koby Soto, after each separately encountered problems renting out their apartments in Israel.

“Koby was getting urgent messages while he was on the beach in Barcelona; he had to pack his things and run to the nearest Wi-Fi cafe to tell people where stuff was in his apartment,” Soto said.

Most of the new companies are small and just a few months old; almost all were started by people who were Airbnb hosts themselves.

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