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Last month we released our latest trend report, “What the Sharing Economy Means to the Future of Travel“, the most definitive report ever done about the effect of sharing economy in the travel industry, and learnings for incumbent players in the travel industry to avoid disintermediation. Below is an extract from the report. Get the full report here.

In their 2011 book “What’s Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption“, Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers identified technology, cost consciousness, environmental concerns, and a resurgence of community as the main drivers of the sharing economy. Dutch academic Pieter van de Glind confirmed this in a survey.

“Practical need, financial gains and receiving praise from others are the main extrinsic motives. The main intrinsic motives are social and environmental. Besides motivational factors, networks, (social) media and recommendation prove to be explanatory factors for the willingness to take part in collaborative consumption,” he writes.

Several major economic, social and technological changes that came about in the later part of the last decade made the sharing economy grow into a significant part of the travel industry.

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