Target-setting – who might be on the Amadeus acquisition list?

Article Excerpt:

Amadeus is in a shopping mood.

After the travel company bought Newmarket, a US hotel IT specialist, for $500 million, it has continued to keep an acquisition list. Chief financial officer Ana de Pro told the Wall Street Journal in December:

“I don’t know if we’ll go for a deal of the same scale as this one, but we are definitely not ruling anything out — and smaller deals are also possible in the future.”

For instance, earlier this month, Amadeus acquired UFIS Airport Technology, an airport information technology player.

Amadeus, a darling of the Madrid stock exchange, has the financial flexibility and analyst consent to take action opportunistically.

Unsurprisingly the software and services company doesn’t speculate on which firms might be potential M&A targets.

But some of the names that are likely to be on its acquisition list can be gleaned from a look at which businesses it named as “competitors” last summer during the presentations by its New Business Units on its Investor Day in June 2013.

The company shared slides (posted below) that suggest who it thinks its main competitors are in various segments.

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