Startup pitch: Sputnik8 shoots into tours and activities with big ambitions

Article Excerpt:

Tours and activities continues to be a hot marketplace with many players – large and small, established and startups – looking to get in on the act.

Enter Sputnik8, a project founded by Alexander Kim and Alexander Skorobogatova, combining their love of travel, programmer education and desire to bring all things tours and activities online.

It’s not a new concept with a plan to have local people, residents of the cities to share knowledge and show guests (or neighbors) a “real face of a city” and uncover “facts that are not included in the guide books.”

As well as the founders, the startup has assembled a team of three - Andrew Chernoguzov heading up design and front-end development, Alina Afanaseva-Altman, city manager for Moscow and Julia Topoliuk, country manager for the Ukraine.

Funding to date includes personal investment of $25,000, a $25,000 grant from Durov-Milner and angel investment of $100,000.

Sputnik8 plans to start with Russia which it says has little competition in tours and activities but is still a large market. The startup believes it’s at the crossroad of two large and growing markets – travel and ecommerce, and points to the following facts for support:

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