Startup pitch: Secret Earth takes three-step approach to trip planning

Article Excerpt:

After working long hours in the corporate world followed by long hours online trying to plan independent holidays, Secret Earth’s founders decided to find a better way.

At the time, and still today, there were hundreds of websites for booking travel, but few, if any, helped you research and plan trips particularly when it came to inspiration.

The overwhelming information and advice available was mostly poor quality and badly presented.

Secret Earth decided that to plan an independent holiday, travellers need: quality recommendations, a way to plan trips together and an easy means to book them.

The newcomer’s target market is time-poor professionals earning £30,000+, who want to have quality holidays.

The other major target market is retirees, which have time and money and want to tick off the world’s greatest travel experiences (while they still can).

Secret Earth plans to target the UK initially, notably London and build from there as it also has strong coverage in Europe.

The company believes its difference lies in there being no website offering the combination of researching, planning and booking of independent travel. It also points to its trip-planning calendar as a unique element.

That said, there is competition from many corners including TripAdvisor as it moves towards planning functionality, online travel sections of newspapers which, it says, don’t offer the planning element and booking is through a single preferred supplier and Scandinavia site which enables users to build a guide to take with them

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