Startup pitch: OutBounding – a platform for discovering and sharing quality travel content

Mike's Opinion:

The explosion of SEO-generated content, blogging, and the quest for social media visibility has filled the interwebs with so much noise, even Google, Facebook and Twitter's algorithms have appeared to be outpaced, as they continue to struggle with serving us the most relevant, high-quality content we seek. Sure, we find satisfactory content every minute of every day. But how many times have you missed out on superior content which was available yet not surfaced via the algorithm? In all likelihood, quite frequently. Products that help us discover great content through human curation are interesting again. Thankfully Google is giving long-form, high-quality content better treatment than ever, but for now there is still a need for services like Outbounding. On a related note, I look forward to a day when Google does not reward content producers for frequency of publishing.


Article Excerpt:

How many times have you tried searching for some travel related content and ended up finding something totally unrelated, and of mediocre quality?

The web is filled with loads of travel related content that is written by well known travel content publishing brands, blogs of travel service providers, travel bloggers/writers etc. How do you pick the best of this heap of travel content?

For example: A search for “adventure holiday ideas ireland” gives pages of results in Google.

In the first results page, there is a link provided by Thrifty Car Rental that says Thrifty cars are available for rent at all major airports in Ireland (that takes people to adventure places). Now, how is this relevant to the search intended? This is an issue of “finding the (right) needle in a haystack”.

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