Spreading some travel startup love beyond the Silicon Valley

Article Excerpt:

“Travel is just not what we like to do,” said a venture capitalist who also runs an accelerator here in Atlanta.

He then compared the industry to healthcare and mentioned the challenges of regulation, technology and just being so darn big and broad that it can often be hard to get your arms around it.

NB: This is a viewpoint from Bill Maloney, founder of FeeZing.

The cyclical nature of travel and slim margins weren’t particularly appealing to the VC either. All of us in the industry know this already. But hearing it from an outsider, who is constantly looking at startups and new companies, was enlightening.

It was also just one lesson as a founder of a travel startup. As a veteran of the industry but as a first-time founder, there were a few other lessons I encountered that might help startups across our sector and those mentors and investors looking to find the next great travel company.

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