Seizing the local ground – tips for destinations on creeping up search rankings

Article Excerpt:

Local hotels, especially boutique properties, are facing interesting challenges in today’s digital marketplace. On the one hand, online travel agents are bringing visitors and exposure to the smaller guys. On the other hand, it’s coming at a pretty steep price.

NB: This is a viewpoint from Peter Brooke, CEO of Blue Interactive Agency.

By price, I am referring not only to hefty commissions (that right now exit the local economy), but also the price hotels pay by not taking steps to protect their brand from enterprising OTAs that feed off ignorance and nonchalance.

These hoteliers are now backsliding in the new era of the OTA—leaking profit and sacrificing independence and control over their brand.

So where are the CVBs (convention and visitors bureaus) and lodging / hospitality associations in all of this? Right now, it seems like they are just letting the OTAs do their own thing rather than effectively capitalize on any share of local booking traffic revenue and official destination information.

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