Priceline Buying HomeAway Is the Big ‘What If’ in Online Travel – Skift

Article Excerpt:

HomeAway CEO Brian Sharples was talking to investors at a Citi Internet conference in Las Vegas in January about how his company intends to crack down on vacation rental owners who hijack customers and deal with them directly.

And, then he name-dropped that Jeffery Boyd, the outgoing Priceline CEO and current board chairman, told Sharples that its unit at times has to deal with the same sort of gamesmanship.

“ has a very similar thing with hotels,” Sharples said. “ is just acting as an agent. And the hotels do have opportunities to play all sorts of games. But what Jeff Boyd tells me is they are not going to do that because they are so dependent on”

In the online hotel business, a much-speculated-about and potential Priceline acquisition of HomeAway would be an even more dramatic development than Priceline’s $1.8 billion of Kayak last year.

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