Nara aims to Pandorify travel with its Big Data discovery engine – Tnooz

Article Excerpt:

If music recommendation service Pandora and user-generated rating site TripAdvisor had a love child, it might be Nara Logics, a US startup.

Nara’s premise is that if you tell it a hotel you have enjoyed, it can to ply you with similar hotels it thinks you may like to stay at during an upcoming trip.

To create its database about hotels, it analyzes millions of reviews published on the Web. It then uses Big Data analytics –meaning, studying the choice patterns of other consumers and matching against past events in large datasets to make predictions.

The startup, founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2010, revealed its first product in summer 2012 when it began recommending restaurants.

In 2012, the company completed a $7 million Series A round, giving support to its development of an artificial intelligence technology that recommends US restaurants, hotels, and other lifestyle services via Web and mobile apps for consumers.

In August 2013, it launched a “minimum viable product” for suggesting hotels in 50 US and Canadian cities.

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