Latest Google Maps evolution makes a meta to the world

Article Excerpt:

Google is rapidly iterating and consolidating its product line, sunsetting services and finally gluing disparate pieces of the puzzle together, with the latest makeover coming to the Maps product.

Google Maps is now far more integrated across product lines, bringing together elements like Flight Search, Google Earth, Google+, business listings and more to create what is effectively a meta to the world.

Multi-modal transport

This isn’t entirely new, but Google is definitely improving upon the multi-modal abilities of the search engine. Likely egged on by the traction of multi-modal startups like Rome2Rio, the expansion of this ability is not only a better user experience but also allows for far more deep integration with paid links when users are able to create multi-modal trips using various forms of transportation.

Biking and public transit have been included for awhile now, but were never that strong except in the densest cities. It now includes trains and planes in the interface, alongside walking, biking and cars.

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