Introducing the NBO – something relevant and timely to revolutionize travel

Article Excerpt:

“Let me recommend something for you” – it’s a concept as old as retailing itself.

Especially in the pre-internet era of travel booking, this phrase was a key tool in a travel agent’s arsenal to monetize every aspect of their customer’s trip.

From ground transport to parking to things to do, a travel agent acts as the user’s trusted advocate and ensured his or her customer had a great trip.

Personalized recommendations are a fairly basic part of the customer service experience in other industries such as retail, and, in many of them, an essential part of it.

But in the travel industry, the drive towards efficiency, self-service and away from travel agents has mostly shifted this part of the travel experience to mid- and high-end hotels equipped with a concierge desk, leaving a lot of money on the table for the rest of the industry.

But thanks in part to Big Data and predictive analytics, the travel industry is starting to get equipped to bring this critical part of the customer experience back to front and center.

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