Hipmunk makes cross-platform travel search easier

Article Excerpt:

Travel meta search engine Hipmunk is launching “Hipmunk Anywhere”, a cross-platform search feature that makes travel search a little bit easier for those of us who regularly use multiple devices.

Designed to work the way consumers work, the new feature will allow users who are signed into Hipmunk to begin flight or hotel searches on one platform – mobile, tablet, or desktop across various operating systems – and finish on another. All logged-in users immediately have access to Hipmunk Anywhere. A user who searches on a phone and then visits hipmunk.com on the web will see those previous searches automatically, already open in the browser. Likewise, a user who searches on a laptop and then opens Hipmunk on a phone will see a list of previous searches from the web.

READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Hipmunk makes cross-platform travel search easier.


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