Here’s what US travelers want as far as hotel digital experiences

Article Excerpt:

Digital customer experience agency MCD Partners has queried 1,000 American travelers about their views on the average hotel digital experience.

The results are outlined in a hospitality white paper, and show that excellent digital experience may actually increase loyalty. This is encouraging news, especially in a competitive business such as hotels.

This particular survey broke its travelers down into three groups of travelers: Family, Leisure and Business. MCD’s Creative Director John Caruso sees that these categories each have overlapping needs:

With competition as fierce as ever, hotels looking to stand out to today’s travelers need to meet their rising expectations for great digital experiences. In particular, there is a huge opportunity for hotels to make better use of the device that is always with the traveler: the smartphone. Using mobile to increase personalization and convenience will create a better experience for guests, and factor into their next decision of where to stay.

More takeaways from the MCD analysis follow.

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