Gogobot goes meta with new feature for hotel search

Article Excerpt:

Travel planning service Gogobot has been moving swiftly with new features, such as last year’s group feature called Tribes.

Today, Gogobot has announced new meta search capabilities for users looking for hotels on site.

The new feature will allow users to search for hotels across booking sites for a particular trip, allowing Gogobot to keep the user on site while still offering the meta search experience that travelers have become familiar with.

Gogobot points to a recent study by Cornell that found most travelers checking 15 hotel sites before booking – with a small minority (5%) actually checking an impossible 150 sites before booking.

Meta search is clearly a tool to alleviate this search process, as it allows users to quickly make comprehensive searches.

READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Gogobot goes meta with new feature for hotel search.


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