Caterina Fake’s Findery launches, opening up place-based notes

Article Excerpt:

Findery is a new app that allows users to create place-based notes – a user writes a note, adds an optional picture, video or audio file, and attaches it to a specific address in the world. Others can then browse through the notes worldwide to learn about the history that surrounds them.

This “social local discovery” app, available today in the App Store, joins others in this space (see coverage here). Yet place-based platforms to share media and content is a nut that has not been cracked; some are using addresses as pins for content and others are angling towards the camera as the center of the user experience.

This team is led by Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake, who has been focusing her energy in some way on the idea since 2005. The team started to coalesce in 2011, and picked up steam in 2012 in advance of today’s launch.

The app is very straightforward, encouraging users to share their stories and multimedia directly with the community. There’s the requisite follow functionality, which offers clear community-building advantages.

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