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TripAdvisor Looks For More Hard-Hitting Advertising in 2014 – Skift

I was very curious to see how aggressively TripAdvisor was going to move into assisted booking. It makes the most sense to focus on mobile, where popup windows are especially cumbersome. The OTA’s that rely on those popups for traffic, such as Expedia, may benefit from increased conversions via assisted booking, but the lack of direct traffic may affect other areas of their business.

Online travel agents and the growing quest for personalisation

I think the ultimate question is: How do we make consistently relevant recommendations without limiting choice? Consumers are drawn to OTA’s and user review websites because of the breadth of choice, and personalization paradoxically takes choices away from them. As consumers begin to encounter personalized solutions, it may be that at first they are uncomfortable with having their choices limited, but over time become trusting of the algorithms, if indeed the algorithms work well for them. Personalization also currently favors mobile, where discovery of the perfect travel app is more dependent on a great user experience than on the web where thousands of landing pages provide Google fodder.