Big travel data meets curious minds at THack Boston

Article Excerpt:

Tnooz has decamped to Boston for our latest THack, which is addressing an exciting and continually challenging area of the travel business: big travel data.

With access to several large databases filled with historical searches, flight information, trip duration, and more, hackers have been let loose to create data-driven travel solutions.

This sort of event is vital to the continued understanding of Big Data and it’s implications in the travel space. More and more data is being collected as storage costs drop, and so now the narrative must be about effective solutions that address real business problems using actual data sets.

Participants range from those currently employed in travel to undergraduates with zero knowledge of the travel industry, which allows for a compelling mix of perspectives coming together to forge data-mined solutions.

THackers have been provided with the following data sets from which to cull and pinpoint patterns:

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