Big shoes to fill – new Kayak tech boss on flights, mobile, Europe and more

Article Excerpt:

Late last year, Kayak co-founder and CTO Paul English stepped down to pursue another venture. The news was significant, as he was a key driver to the brand’s success over the past decade.

English was succeeded by Giorgos Zacharia, previously the chief product officer and a five-year Kayak veteran.

As English said in a recent Tnooz interview, he’s “thrilled” with the guy that took his place.

So what does Zacahria have in store for Kayak’s future? It seems that there will be much staying of the course, as English left to pursue another venture rather than because the ship was drifting. The course has been well-charted and navigated, and much of the product coordinates were put in place by Zacharia in his prior role as Chief Product Officer.

Iterating current products via live testing will continue to receive the primary focus, with data and analytics maintaining the core of the Kayak technical process.

And with stats like 35 million app downloads, 73% of mobile users are iOS, 54% of mobile bookings are same day and 50% of mobile flight bookings are one-way, mobile-optimized experiences will continue to be heavily prioritized under Zacharia.

Tnooz spoke with Zacharia from the company’s Berlin offices, where Zacharia is on a multi-country tour of introduction to staff and media.

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