Beyond the sharing economy-hipster hype – The REAL Airbnb effect

If I had an apartment or a house in a popular tourist destination, Airbnb would be my dream come true.

NB: This is an opinion from Steve Brenner, co-owner of the Cross-Pollinate information site, owner of the Beehive and ex-member the STA Travel team.

I’d let them send me a photographer at their expense to take some overexposed, wide-angle shots, then have them deal with all the marketing of my place while I sit back and either accept or refuse requests based on whether the potential guest meets my aesthetic criteria.

I’d make some cash on the side, probably without worrying about paying taxes, because, you know, I need the money in this slumped economy, and then if I ran into legal trouble, or too many complaints from neighbors, or simply decided I couldn’t be bothered hosting people anymore, I’d cancel all my future reservations with a click of a button and simply ignore any angry messages by disgruntled guests.

Think about it – Airbnb is a paradise for owners who don’t want to invest time or money in the “business” of renting out their flat.

via Beyond the sharing economy-hipster hype – The REAL Airbnb effect.

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