4 Lessons for Old-School Transport Companies from the Sharing Economy – Skift

Article Excerpt:

In December we released our latest report, “What the Sharing Economy Means to the Future of Travel“, looking at the economic, social, and technological changes that are driving customers toward the sharing economy and how it is affecting the incumbent players in the travel industry. It is the most definitive state-of-the-market report on this big growth sector in travel. We’re extracting a portion on its effects on the hotel industry below. Get the full picture, buy the report.

Expensive items that are used very infrequently are the low-hanging fruit for the sharing economy.

According to RelayRides, a car-sharing startup, the average automobile is only in use for an hour a day, but costs as much as $715 per month. Assured Research says that the more than 200 million cars in the United States sit idle for 90 percent of their useable capacity. It is no wonder that environmentally conscious and cash-starved riders and car owners are eager to share ground transport.

Here’s what traditional ground transport players can learn from the upstarts.

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